A1 The League shall be called the Eden Valley Cricket League

A2 The League shall be open to competition each year to such number of clubs as the Annual General Meeting shall admit and approve on payment of a combined League and League Cup subscription. This amount must be paid at the Annual General Meeting

A3 The League shall be governed by a Management Committee consisting of the President, Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Fixture Secretary, Young Peoples Welfare Officer and six members, all of whom shall be elected at the AGM

A4 Five to form a quorum

A5 The Committee shall have the power to co-opt

A6 The Chairman shall have the casting vote

A7 Vice Presidents shall be eligible for election to the Committee


B1 Each club will supply a full list of registered players to the Hon. Fixture Secretary no later than the last weekend in April

B2 Each club shall only be allowed to play registered players. A player’s registration shall not be deemed binding until they have made one appearance for that club.

With the agreement of both captains a club may “loan” junior players to the opposition on the day of the match if the latter do not have a full complement of players.

B3 For any player joining a club during the season, not being a current player of any other EVCL club, the club must forward details to the Fixture Secretary prior to the individual playing for the club

An e-mail, letter or verbal contact with the Fixture Secretary will suffice. Otherwise it can be completed on match day, with the details added to the rear of the score sheet and then endorsed by the visiting captain prior to the start of play

B4 No player shall be allowed to change clubs within the season without consent of both clubs involved and the Management Committee. No player may be transferred between clubs after the last day of July each year. The appropriate form will have to be submitted to the Fixture Secretary, signed by a Committee member from both clubs. The transferring player will not be allowed to sign as a Committee member. Agreement from the Management Committee will be required before the player can play for the other club.

B5 Any player banned from playing cricket during the season by any other league affiliated to the CCB will automatically be banned from playing in the Eden Valley Cricket League

B6 No professional cricket player shall be allowed to play in any league or cup match

B7 A player must not be a registered player in another league playing at weekends during an English cricket season.

The exception is a student in full time education in residence away from his own club. They will be allowed to play for a different club during educational year and return to their parent club during the summer break. They will not be allowed to play on occasional weekends during term time.

This will not preclude a player who has moved to the area, who has played in another league, from signing as per rule B3 above, assuming that he has severed his playing links with the other club.

B8 A player shall not be eligible to play on a Sunday if they have played in a higher division on the preceding Saturday, unless they have played a minimum of five matches or two thirds of the current season’s matches (the lesser of two) for the lower division side during the season

B9 If a club has more than one team in the same division a player may not play in league matches for both teams over the same weekend.

B10 In any case of transgression of B1-B9 the Management Committee shall have the power to deduct the current maximum winning points total from the offending club and award the match to their opponents and the player will be liable to suspension

B11 No player on arrival at a match shall be allowed to play if the game has commenced without prior approval of the opposing captain

B12 Teams must consist of a minimum of seven players

B13 All teams shall endeavour to turn out in whites. Any player not in whites shall not be allowed to bowl

B14 The captains’ shall exchange a list of players, denoting age, if relevant to ECB young person’s bowling regulations. If a league appointed umpire is present the lists will forwarded to them prior to the start of play.


C1 Any requests for vacant dates (maximum of two dates) must be received by the Hon. Fixture Secretary by February 10th. No free weekends are to be granted for the last week of the EVCL season

C2 The Hon. Fixture Secretary shall prepare and submit to the clubs, not later than April 1st, the fixtures for the forthcoming season

C3 The season shall start no later than the first weekend in May and conclude no later than the second weekend in September

C4 All league and cup matches must be played on the date and at the venue indicated on the fixture list

C5 No matches are to be arranged without the consent of the Hon. Fixture Secretary

C6 In the event of a team being unable to play a fixture on their home ground due to its unavailability as a rule of a Cup fixture then the club secretaries of the clubs involved should arrange a mutually convenient date and location, in conjunction with the Fixture Secretary, within 14 days of the situation arising. If both clubs are unable to come to an agreement then the Fixture Secretary, after representation from both sides, shall decide the date, time and location of the fixture

C7 All Premier Division matches must be played on a grass wicket.

C8 All Premiership matches to be played, wherever possible, on a Saturday. No requests for change of dates for Premiership matches will be allowed unless an alternative date has been mutually agreed between both teams and has the Fixture Secretary’s consent.


D1 All matches must be played under the revised laws of the MCC, except for those set out in the following: D2 All fixtures shall commence at 2:00 PM and cease at 8:00 PM, except in the case of a midweek evening fixture.  However, during the first two and last two weekends of the season the start of play, with the agreement of both captains, can be brought forward by a maximum of an hour

D3 All afternoon matches shall consist of a maximum of 40 6-ball overs for each team

D4 Should the team batting first declare prior to the completion of their allotted overs, then such complete overs as remain shall be added to their opponents overs

D5 No bowler shall bowl more than 10 overs in any match

D6 In the event of bad weather or unsuitable ground conditions, the captains shall have the discretion to limit the overs to a minimum of 20 six-ball overs to be played. The amount of overs to be bowled shall always be devisable by four and the resultant number shall be the maximum of overs allowed per bowler. Any matches not started at the appointed time because of inclement weather or unsuitable ground conditions four overs per side shall be removed from their allocation for every 30 minutes (or part thereof) lost to the weather.

D7 Matches not started by 4:30pm shall be counted as a draw

D8 The tea interval shall be of 20 minutes duration

D9 The home club shall be responsible for cancelling fixtures due to the inclement weather or unfit ground conditions, but not before 11.00am of the match day. In all cases the visiting club must make the journey unless advised to the contrary by the home club

D10 It is the prerogative of the home club to decide the wicket on which a match is to be played

Rule C7 takes precedence for Premiership matches

D11 In the event of the Hon. Fixture Secretary having to arrange any evening fixtures, these shall be played on one night and consist of a maximum of 20 6-ball overs for each team, although captains shall have the discretion to limit the game to a minimum of 16 6 ball overs.  Play shall commence at 6.30pm

D12 The match ball shall be the official league ball as designated by the Management Committee


D13 Umpires allocated by the Management Committee will be paid £22.00 in expenses and travelling costs at 22 p per mile

D14 Umpires fees shall be paid in full by the home club during the interval between innings. In the event of no play at which an umpire is in attendance half fees plus travelling expenses shall be paid. Any umpire standing alone shall be entitled to one and a half times the normal umpire's rate

D15 If the home side wishes to cancel a match and fails to inform an officially appointed umpire then that club will be liable to pay the umpire’s travelling expenses and half match fee

D16 Any team failing to pay their allocation of an umpires match fee must do so within seven days of being informed of the non-payment.  If this is not completed, then the League will pay the umpire directly and the team will recompense the League and incur a surcharge of £5.

It is not the umpires’ responsibility to ask for payment.  The home captain should enquire of the umpire(s) of their expenses incurred prior to the start of play or during the tea interval.  That amount will be split equally between the two teams and the captains will pay their share directly to the umpire(s) during the tea interval.

D17 In the event of no umpire being allocated by the Management Committee each club shall provide their own umpire. All home clubs shall provide two white umpire coats and every umpire should wear an umpire's coat when officiating



E1 There will be two competitions with the Premiership and Division One teams eligible for the senior competition and Division Two and Three teams eligible for the junior competition

E2 The draw for the competition shall take place at the Annual General Meeting

E3 A person who has played in the senior competition will not be eligible to play in the junior competition. However, a person who has played in the junior competition will be allowed to play in the senior competition. If a team has entered two sides in the same competition then no person shall play for more than one side during the competition

If a player initially plays in the junior competition, and then plays in the senior competition then it would make them ineligible to return to the junior competition

E4 A player shall not be eligible to take part in this competition if he has played three or more games in the North Lancashire League, Northern League or league of an equivalent standard during the current season, unless they have played a minimum of five Saturday ECVL league matches.

E5 All matches up to and including the semi-final shall be played on the ground of the first named club unless otherwise agreed.

E6 In the event of two sides using the same ground being drawn at home then the lower placed side, at the time the situation arises, shall concede home advantage. If this ground is unavailable then the higher placed side shall concede home advantage. The Fixture secretary shall officiate to resolve any further problems

E7 The final should be played on a ground decided by the Management Committee. Umpires shall be neutral and shall be appointed by the Management Committee.  In the event of both umpires not attending the match, each club will appoint their own umpire

E8 In all matches the fielding side shall provide their own ball. These must be the official ball as designated by the Management Committee.

E9 The league cup is a straight knockout competition.

E10 All matches to be played as two 18 over innings per side match.   When winning the toss the team electing to bat first will then bat third and the opposing team will thus bat second and fourth. The team which bats first and leads by 30 runs or more after the first innings have been completed shall have the option of requiring the opposition to follow on in their second innings.

If a match is abandoned prior to, or during the second innings, then the scores from the completed first innings shall constitute a result.

E11 A team may declare one or both innings.  Any overs not bowled will not be allocated to the opposing side.

E12 Each innings shall be for a maximum of 18/6 ball overs, with an individual bowler limited to a maximum of five overs per innings and nine per match. Only two of those bowlers used in a side’s first innings may bowl in the second innings.

Thus two bowlers may bowl a maximum of nine overs; the remaining 18 to be shared between a minimum of four other bowlers

E13 Those batsmen who have batted in the first innings may not bat in a team’s second innings until those who did not bat in the first innings have batted.

A player, who was at the crease and not dismissed, is deemed not to have batted unless they have faced a legitimate delivery.

E14 In the event of a tie, the team which loses the least number of wickets in both innings shall be declared the winners.  If this is the same, the team leading after the first innings will be declared the winners.  If this is the same, a bowl off will be required.

E15 A bowl out will consist of five nominated players each bowling overarm twice at three stumps. Thereafter sudden death utilizing the same nominated five players, in the same order, bowling one ball apiece

1. A full set of stumps, including bails, will be pitched at both ends of the designated pitch, but the bowlers will all bowl from the same end. The umpires will decide which end to bowl from if neutral umpires are involved, if they are not, by the toss of a coin between the captains.

2. The captains shall nominate five bowlers (from the eleven players that started the game) and the order of bowling. In the event of injury during the bowl out, another bowler may replace the injured player

3. The captains shall toss a coin for the right to decide which team bowls first in the bowl out.

4. The wicket keeper will not be permitted to stand within one metre of the stumps.

5. The bowl out shall be conducted in the same manner as a penalty shootout, with the non-active wicketkeeper moving to square leg or point 25 metres from the wicket as directed by the umpire..

6. Deliveries will be bowled alternatively, one from each team. A dislodged bail will constitute a hit provided the ball has not been called a no-ball by the umpire.

7. After the 10 deliveries if still the ‘hits’ are still equal, then the five bowlers will bowl one delivery alternatively on a “sudden death” basis until a winner is achieved 

8. No bowler will be allowed a practice delivery.

9. The umpires will stand in their normal positions and will be responsible for officially recording the number of ‘hits’ on the wicket. Their decision shall be final as to the result. If neutral umpires are not involved then the team winning the toss and deciding which end to bowl will supply the umpire at the bowler’s end and that umpire will stand throughout at that end, unless it is his turn to bowl and then the square-leg umpire will stand in his place.

10. The umpires will be responsible for making sure only the nominated bowlers actually bowl.

11. Only the 5 nominated bowlers and the wicket keeper shall be allowed within 25 metres of the wicket. All other players not involved in the bowl out shall be beyond 25 metres in the region of either midwicket or cover. Spectators must stay behind the boundary rope. Players and spectators must not distract the active bowler.

12. If a bowl out is not possible the result will be determined by the toss of a coin.

13. If these rules do not cover every eventuality, common sense should prevail.

If for instance, the pitch is unplayable, then an artificial surface or practice nets can be utilised

E16 In the event of evening matches being arranged, or matches being affected by weather conditions it will be permitted (on agreement of both captains)

To reduce the number of overs played to a minimum of 10 overs per innings.

The amount of overs to be bowled shall always be divisible by 5 and the resultant number shall be the maximum number of overs allowed per bowler

E17 The secretary of the home team must forward the result of the match to the Hon. Fixture Secretary.


F1 Eight points for a win

F2 Four points for a tie

F3 The team batting second must accumulate 75% or more of their opponents runs in order to gain a point. If they do not do so they lose the game and their opponents are awarded the win and eight points

F4 Where no conclusive decision is reached by reason of the team batting second not having reached their opponent’s total and not being completely dismissed on completion of their allotted overs the team batting first shall receive seven points and the team batting second one point.

F5 As a supplement to F4, if the team batting second accumulates 90% or more of their opponents runs, they gain a second batting point, and their opponents are awarded six points

F6 Where no conclusive decision is reached for any other reason, or where an afternoon match does not start before 4.30pm the match shall be counted as a draw and each team awarded three points.


G1 The competing clubs shall appoint their own scorers.  The score sheet must be legible and completed with all the players surnames and initials. At the conclusion of the game it must be agreed by both captains as a true and accurate record of the fixture.

G2 The home club shall be responsible for sending the record of the match to the Fixture Secretary.

G3 In the event of the match being cancelled for any reason the home club must inform the Fixture Secretary by telephone or e-mail on the same day.

G4 The basic result (scores, wickets, overs and result) must be forwarded by e-mail to the Fixture Secretary within 24 hours of the conclusion of the match.

G5 The score sheet must be forwarded to be received by the Fixture Secretary within 72 hours of the conclusion of the match (or posted within 48 hours)

G6 Any failure to complete G3, G4 or G5 within the time period will result in a written warning. A second offence will incur a two point penalty for the team responsible.

Advice: If a club provides sufficient detail for uploading onto website (ie G5 plus details of notable performances and possible report, then the score sheet can be sent at a later date)



The minimum qualification in all Divisions for the compilation of averages shall be:

H1 Batting: minimum of both eight innings and 200 runs.

H2 Bowling: minimum of 20 Wickets

Advice:  All nominations for batting, bowling and fielding awards must be forwarded by the individual clubs to the Fixture Secretary by 30 September for consideration of inclusion in appropriate trophy categories


J1 Championship trophies will be awarded to the club with the greatest number of points in each division

J2 Each team will be allotted an equal number of matches in a season

J3 At the end of the season the two teams in the each division having the least number of points, if relevant, will be relegated to the lower division. The two teams in the division with the most points, if relevant, will be promoted to the higher division

J4 If new club(s) join or club(s) resign from the League it may be necessary to adjust the number of teams in a division. To reduce the number of teams in a division the third from bottom team (and so on) will be relegated. To increase the number of teams in a division the third from top (and so on) will be promoted

J5 In the event of two or more teams tying for a position in any division of the league, in order to decide on championship, promotion or relegation issues, the decision as to which club shall be champions, promoted or relegated shall be made on the basis of Runs For per Wicket Lost and Runs Against per Wicket Taken, the latter figure to be divided into the former figure, and the higher ratio thus calculated shall determine a higher final league position

J6 The team finishing bottom of the lowest division will have to apply for re-election at the next AGM



K1 The home club shall be responsible for the conduct of their spectators attending the matches on their ground

K2 If such spectators shall create a disturbance, or interfere with the game or the players, or any umpire or official engaged therein, or insult or intimidate any such players, umpires or officials, any aggrieved party may report the matter to the Management Committee, who may enquire into the circumstances and inflict such fine on, or order the suspension of the League matches on the grounds of the offending clubs as they deem just


L1 The Management Committee shall adjudicate in all matters disputed in connection with the affairs of the Eden Valley Cricket League

L2 Protests in writing only accompanied by a fee of £15.00 in each case must be made to the Hon. Secretary within 7 days of the cause of the protest/appeal, such fees to be returned if the protest/appeal is sustained

L3 All disputes will be heard by a disputes sub-committee of the Management Committee. This will comprise of four members including the Chairman and Secretary. No one may sit on the sub-committee and vote if they are a representative of the club(s) involved in the dispute. The Chairman will have the casting vote if needed

L4 The Management Committee shall be empowered to impose fines (up to a maximum of £15.00 in each case) on any player or club not complying with the Rules or Constitution of the Eden Valley Cricket League

L5 The Management Committee shall be enforced to order any offending club to pay all expenses of the meeting or any subsequent meeting held on appeal

L6 The Management Committee once it has considered all the relevant evidence which must be presented in person by a nominated representative(s) of the club(s) concerned at the appropriate meeting shall decide. Its decision will be binding subject to the right of appeal

L7 Any player and/or club found guilty of conduct which brings the Eden Valley Cricket League or its running into disrepute may be fined, suspended or have points deducted by the Management Committee

L8 Any player or club found by the Management Committee to have committed an offence or upon a penalty having been imposed shall have the right of appeal

L9 Notice of appeal, setting out the grounds, must be given in writing to the Hon. Secretary within seven days of the decision of the Management Committee. This must be accompanied by a fee of £15.00 in each case. Such fees will be returned if the appeal is sustained

L10 All appeals will be heard by an appeals sub-committee of the Management Committee. This will comprise of four members including the Chairman and Secretary. The remaining two members will not have sat on the disputes sub-committee. In addition, three representatives of Eden Valley League Clubs, but not of any club(s) involved in the protest/appeal will be invited to sit on the appeals sub-committee

L11 The Management Committee will invite two of the three representatives whilst the offending club/player will invite the other representative. All members will be empowered to vote. The Chairman will have the casting vote if needed.



M1 Any club failing to fulfil any of their fixtures as printed in the official fixture list the match shall be awarded to their opponents.  In addition the team will be liable to have the maximum winning points total deducted and fined a sum not exceeding £15 for each offence

M2 Unless there are any extenuating circumstances the points deduction will be automatic.

If, for example, a team is unable to field a side without utilising ineligible players, but an agreement is made with the opposition to play the match with these players then the game will be awarded to the opposition but the “offending” side’s eight point penalty would not be implemented.

M3 All fines levied by the Management Committee during the season must be paid by 30th September of the current season. Failure to do so will result in suspension from the League and a necessary application will be required for re-election to the following AGM.


N1 The Annual General Meeting shall be held on a Monday in October each year, and each club shall be entitled to vote

N2 Any specified notice of motion from a member club or any application for membership of the league must be made in writing and received by the Hon. League Secretary not later than 15 September

N3 Fourteen days’ notice of the AGM shall be given to each member club secretary by the Hon. League Secretary. The notice convening the meeting shall specify notices of motion submitted by the Management Committee or any club as well as application of membership

N4 No new rules shall be made, or existing rules altered or repealed, except by a majority of two thirds of those present and voting

N5 The meeting shall receive annual reports from the Young Peoples Welfare Officer, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Fixture Secretary and Hon. League Treasurer, the latter also providing a statement of accounts duly audited for the financial year commencing on the first day of October and ending on the last day of September

N6 The meeting shall appoint the officers and the Management Committee and they shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting

N7 Any club failing to attend the Annual General Meeting shall be fined £25

N8 An extraordinary General Meeting may be called at any time pursuant to a resolution of the Management Committee or at the request of five clubs

N9 At least ten days’ notice of any such meeting specifying the business to be transacted and at the time and place of the meetings shall be sent to each club

N10 Five to form a quorum


P1 Badges and trophies will be awarded to the champions

P2 All trophies are the property of the Eden Valley Cricket League

P3 The holder shall enter into a proper agreement for the safe keeping of the trophies and will be liable for their insurance against loss or theft together with their return by 15th September to the engravers nominated by the Management Committee

P44 Any club in default of this rule will be held responsible for any costs incurred therein (this applies to all trophies)

P5 A fine of £1.00 per day for each day overdue will be enforced


Q1 The Eden Valley Cricket League Management Committee is the sole interpreter of these rules, and from their decisions there shall be no appeal, neither at law or otherwise